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Ultrasonic Level Distance Sensor KUS600 Series Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Advantages of Ultrasonic distance sensor

Ultrasonic level transmitters are utilized for level measuring in numerous water applications. We at Xi’an Kacise Optronics Co., Ltd, bring the latest technologies into the market through our advanced ultrasonic transmitter. So many applications involving measurement of the water level favor our non-contact level Ultrasonic distance sensor. Our ultrasonic level transmitters are preferred for different level measurement applications. You can use it on water treatment plants, rainwater harvesting basins, dams, canals, wastewater treatment plants, etc. It is not only a suitable but economical, and beneficial part of an efficient and safe wastewater treatment plant. It should not be ignored when selecting instruments for level measurement. It is less expensive & more effective than any other water level measurement technology.  

Our ultrasonic transmitter is a non-contact device available in models that can convert readings into 4–20 mA outputs to DCSs, PLCs, or other remote systems. The frequency range of our ultrasonic level transmitter is 15…200 kHz. The more challenging applications require lower-frequency instruments. You can use our ultrasonic transmitter for longer distances and solid-level measurements. It is also good for shorter liquid level measurements as well. 

Installing ultrasonic transmitters on liquid-filled or empty tanks is simple.

Set-up is simple, and those devices with onboard programming capability can be configured in minutes.

As there is no contact with the media and no moving parts, the devices are virtually maintenance-free. Wetted materials are typically made of an inert fluoropolymer and are impervious to corrosion caused by vapour condensation.

Because the device is non-contacting, the level measurement is unaffected by changes in the liquid density, dielectric, or viscosity, and performs well on aqueous liquids and many chemicals.

Changes in process temperature will change the speed of the ultrasonic pulse through the space above the liquid, but built-in temperature compensation automatically corrects this.

Changes in process pressure do not affect the measurement.

1. Ultrasonic distance sensor Dimensions

Unit in the diagram is mm.

Ultrasonic Level Distance Sensor KUS600 Series Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

2. Ultrasonic distance sensor Parameter

General specifications

Sensing range600… 5000 mm@3.3V power supply. The measure distance can reach 6 meters if the power supply is 24V.
Adjustment range300….5000mm
Unusable area0 … 600 mm
Response delayapprox. 10 ms

Electrical specifications

Operating voltage UB3.3 … 24 V DC , ripple 10 %SS
No-load supply current I0≤ 20 mA active period and ≤0.3mA during sleep time

3. Description of ultrasonic distance sensor Functions

The detail refers to the 600B software engineer application guide.

4. Installation conditions

If the sensor is installed at the environment temperature fall below 0℃,It should do well on the protective measures. In case of direct mounting of the sensor in a through hole using the steel nuts, it has to be fixed at the middle of the housing thread.

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Kacise is happy to explore the sensor world with you, focusing on optical detection, capacitance detection, ultrasonic detection, electromagnetic detection, electrochemical detection principles. We hope to use our technical advantages to help solve your problems and improve your feelings.

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