ORP Probe is a stainless steel multi-function digital probe that measures the oxidation reduction potential (ORP) of water, food, and surfaces. It’s the best way to monitor fermentation, clean water and soil.

ORP Probe is a high-quality, well-made device that allows you to get accurate water readings without ever needing to open the lid of your aquarium. Accurate readings are absolutely necessary when using the Kordon Biological Ammonia Remover. Using this probe will help ensure you are getting accurate readings every time and producing perfect water conditions for your fish. Using ORP readings to monitor your aquarium’s water chemistry is a great way to maintain the right conditions for your fish. ORP stands for oxygen R eduction P otential and is a technology that is used by many industries but has never before been prevalent in the aquarium hobby. This ORP Probe sensor can detect free oxygen ion concentration (“ORP”) in your water. It is great for a quick measurement of environmental conditions and allows the system to cope with high load by sampling a large area at once. By adjusting the spray head with this probe, it is possible to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water during stress situations. This probe can also be used in pond filter systems as many fish tanks and ponds have poor aeration.

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