The Kacise Water Quality Monitor is a smart way to test the water. It helps protect you and your family from toxic water by alerting you when your water quality is found to be in an acceptable range. As a bonus, it helps you by measuring the hardness level, pH, and temperature of the water. We are the leading brand of ORP sensors, transformers and electrodes in China.

Kacise is the world leader in providing ORP Sensor use worldwide and leading supplier of ORP, PH, CO2 sensor and ORP Controller. ORP and pH are believed to be essential in the fight against a variety of diseases. In the body and in food, free radicals caused by stress, pollution and an unhealthy diet accumulate. ORP and pH levels can be measured with an ORP sensor via 0 to 10V signal or 4 to 20mA signal when mixed with a resistor divider circuit. There are simple probe kits available online as well. The ORP sensor enables users to monitor the intensity of oxidation in liquids or solutions. It is used in various industries, such as power generation and water treatment, to measure the amount of oxygen in the water. The ORP sensor is used to measure the water that contains floating pollutants and gives an idea about how dissolved oxygen is present in the water.

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