KUS600 Series Ultrasonic Level / Distance Sensor

KUS600 series ultrasonic transmitter

KUS600 series ultrasonic transmitter

1. Dimensions

Unit in the diagram is mm.

600 series transmitter dimensions

2. Electronic interface and signals definition


Cable color Pin Description Note
Red 1 Power supply
Black 2 GND
Yellow 3 Analogue output The 600B will work in mode 1 or 0 cannot work in power save mode, if the 4-20mA, 0-3.3V 0-5V analogue output used.
Blue 4 RS485A TTL-TXD for ttl output signal
Green 5 RS485B- TTL-RXD for ttl output signal

For switch output

Cable color Pin Description Note
Red 1 Power supply
Black 2 GND
Yellow 3 Switch output Load current 1A@60V
White 4 Switch output
Brown 5 RS485A TTL-TXD for ttl output signal
Green 6 RS485B- TTL-RXD for ttl output signal
6 RS485B- TTL-RXD 用于 ttl 输出信号


3. Parameter

General specifications



Sensing range 600… 5000 mm@3.3V power supply. The measure distance can reach 6 meters if the power supply is 24V.
Adjustment range 300….5000mm
Unusable area 0 … 600 mm
Response delay approx. 10 ms

Electrical specifications


Operating voltage UB 3.3 … 24 V DC , ripple 10 %SS
No-load supply current I0 ≤ 20 mA active period and ≤0.3mA during sleep time

4. Description of Sensor Functions

The detail refers to the 600B software engineer application guide.

5. Installation conditions

If the sensor is installed at the environment temperature fall below 0℃,It should do well on the protective measures. In case of direct mounting of the sensor in a through hole using the steel nuts, it has to be fixed at the middle of the housing thread.


6. Ordering information

 KUS Body size OUTPUT Max range Description
Customized Customized
SW Switch Output (online configurable for NPN or PNP)
mA 3 wire 4-20mA output
10V Output is Vout 0-10V
5V Output is Vout 0-5V The power supply range is 5.0 at least
3.3V Output is Vout 0-3.3V The power supply range is 3.3 at least
RS485 Output is RS485
XXX mm Xxx mm is the maxim range can be detected, the default length is 1 meter
KUS 600 RS485 5000mm

Appendix: Influence of Side Lobe Effect on Ultrasonic Sensor Installation

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 21 × 16 × 8 cm

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