Radar level sensor 4G wireless remote transmission 485 protocol

Communication interface: support RS485 communication interface, Modbus-RTU protocol.
Physical interface: The standard M20 industrial interface seamlessly connects with instrumentation equipment.
Material: High-strength 304 stainless steel shell, dustproof and explosion-proof
Remote transmission: It comes with remote wireless transmission and seamlessly connects with Feilian cloud platform.
Software features: Support PC and mobile phone to directly view data.
Protection class: Industrial protection class IP67.
Conditions of use: Ambient temperature: -20°C-70°C Relative temperature: 5-85%.
Storage temperature: -40°C-85°C.
Input voltage: support 12~24V wide voltage power supply. [The power requirement of the power supply is >10W, that is, the output current of the power supply is ≥1A]
Power consumption current: Measured under 24V power supply:
Communication emission: average 30mA~60mA
Online standby: average 15mA~20mA
Idle offline: average 10mA~20mA

Terminal definition

serial numberthread colordefinitionillustrate
1redVCCPower positive(DC12-24V)
2blackGNDpower ground
3yellowA+RS485  A+  Communication positive
4greenB-RS485  B-   Communication Negative

How to use the software
(1) View the “Help” menu item, there are related tutorials.

Installation Instructions
Installation renderings

Wiring Instructions
(1) 485 version wiring method:

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