What is dissolved oxygen

saturation value of oxygen in water

dissolved oxygen (short for DO) is the amount of free non-compound gaseous oxygen molecule (O2) that is present in water. it can be imaged like the salt or sugar does when it is stirred in water.

Where does the dissolved oxygen come from and what determines the amount of dissolved oxygen?

Water bodies receive oxygen from the atmosphere and from aquatic plant. and dissolved oxygen is consume by aquatic animals, microorganism, organisms and reductive compounds. in the water body the dissolved oxygen normally keep in a balance with the air on the water surface . Aquatic respiration consumes dissolved oxygen, Phytoplankton and hydrophyte increase dissolved oxygen level through photosynthesis.

what influence the dissolved oxygen saturation quantity?

Normally the saturation of dissolved oxygen in water is almost easily effected by the water temperature, water depth, salinity, higher of the water temperature lower the value of saturation DO in water. Higher the pressure , higher lower the value of saturation DO in water. Higher the salinity level, lower the value of saturation DO in water. the table below is a refference pls contact us for the data of the dissolved oxygen saturation table.

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