where are dissolved oxygen sensors used

dissolved oxygen sensors

We all know that dissolved oxygen is an important indicator of water quality, and in different times of the day, different seasons of the year, the content of dissolved oxygen in water is different.

In aquaculture, industrial wastewater discharge, urban sewage treatment and other aspects of dissolved oxygen will be concerned.


For fish farming

DO(ppm)description of fish survival
0.3-2.9not suitable for fish
2.9-4.9fish can survive, but they are not healthy
4.9以上suitable for fish
7.0以上perfect for fish breeding

For warm-water fish, a concentration of DO above 5 mg/L is required

For cold-water fish farming, dissolved oxygen is best near or saturated. No less than 7.0 mg/l is required in spawning waters

For large inland lakes or lakes with relatively poor nutrients, the dissolved oxygen requirement should not be lower than 6 mg/L, of course, the control of the oxygen content of large water surface is a systems engineering, it needs to be taken into full second consideration, blue green algae, plankton, cod and other parameters, to achieve a unified consideration of water quality.

Specific gravity of dissolved oxygen consumption in shrimp culture ponds at night

Prawn: 5%-10%

Plankton: 20%-45%

Pond Bottom: 50%-70%

To sum up, the monitoring of dissolved oxygen is very important in the aquaculture industry, the owners have sufficient measures to monitor and control the content of dissolved oxygen, to ensure maximum economic benefits

Surface water monitoring industry

KDO300 is used for dissolved oxygen monitor for agriculture low cost and robust, with brush alternatively brush the surface to keep the measure result reliable and accuracy.


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