KUS3100 series ultrasonic proximity sensor

Kacise ultrasonic proximity sensor, your right choice! The switch and and analog output type of ultrasonic proximity sensor can be programed as you wish.

Kacise KUS3100 series ultrasonic proximity sensor, your right choice!


ultrasonic proximity sensor

1. Dimensions

Unit in the diagram is mm.

KUS3000 series ultrasonic proximity sensor

2. Electronic interface and signals definition

table data of ultrasonic proximity sensor

3. Description of ultrasonic proximity sensor

The switch output type and analog output type of ultrasonic proximity sensor can be programed as the user want.
There are 8 types of output functions can be programed.
All the teach routine as follows,
step 1 teach one point with the related teach in condition (High level voltage or GND). step 2 choose a different distance (not the same with step1) point and a different teach in condition (not same with the step1). The program routine must be finished during the blue led flashing; the default value will be efficient if the not.

The ultrasonic proximity sensor features a switch output with two teachable switching points. These are set by applying the supply voltage – UB or + UB to the TEACH-IN input. The supply voltage must be applied to the TEACH-IN input for at least 1 s. LEDs indicate whether the ultrasonic proximity sensor has recognized the target during the TEACH-IN procedure. Switching point A1 is taught with – UB, A2 with +UB. Five different output functions can be set.
1. Window mode normally-open and liner mode positive slope output function.
2. Window mode normally-closed and liner mode negative slope output function.
3. Single switching point, normally-open function.
4. Single switching point, normally-closed function.
5. Single switch point with hysteresis gap normally-open function.
6. Single switch point with hysteresis gap normally-closed function.
7. Detection of object presence-normal open function.
8. Detection of object presence-closed open function.
Switching point, Setting distance only after power on. The internal clock can assure can’t be changed after 5 minutes after power on. If want to change the switching point, the user can only set the request distance after power restart.

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