Manufacturer and supplier of fixed, portable and handheld ultrasonic distance sensors. With over 15 years experience, our sensor solutions are used in a range of applications, from ergonomic to safety, including hearing aids and industrial manufacturing.

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor is an innovative ultrasonic sensor module (HC-SR04) that can be used for measuring the distance from it to the obstacles in its detecting range. Kacise is the global leading ultrasonic sensor supplier. We have been in this business for over 10 years and have accumulated extensive experience on ultrasonic sensors. Our ultrasonic distance sensor is Type 2, accurate to 2mm and capable of measuring in non-reflective, opaque materials as well as glass. If you need accurate distance information this is the device for you. The HC-SR04 can be used in many applications including robotics, proximity sensors, security systems and much more.

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